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Promo Print 4 U, helps companies large and small get the most from their brand. Whether you’re looking to launch a state-wide advertising campaign or create a logo for your new business, you receive highly focused creative thinking, friendly professional service, and close attention to your budgets and bottom line.
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we create custom designs that are utilized in a surprising variety of finished products and formats. What follows are brief descriptions of some of the many services we provide that all fit under the umbrella of graphic design. For specific examples of our work we invite you to take some time and browse through our portfolio.



  • Design Priced Per hour on small projects
  • Large Projects will be bid per projects
  • small editing of pre-exsisting design or text considered type setting

Print Design

While it may be true that companies are turning more and more to digital means for promoting themselves and their services, printed materials still have an important place in the marketing strategies of many businesses. Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes are a must-have for any company. Brochures, flyers, postcards, and sell sheets continue to play a critical role in communicating capabilities and detailed information to existing and potential customers. Print also extends beyond paper to any number of promotional items such as t-shirts, hats, pens, signs, and much more. DesignPoint has vast experience in all aspects of print design and we can help you choose the best materials and methods to get your brand and message out in the physical world.

Logo and Brand Design

Logo design is a very important part of establishing your company identity. A logo should represent the style and personality of your company and appeal to your target market. We have worked with many clients over the years to design and develop unique and effective logos that attract new customers and help create a sense of stability and professionalism. A logo is most effective when it is utilized and supported by all of your other marketing materials — creating a cohesive brand that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who sees your advertisements, vehicles, brochures or other promotional items. We can also help you evaluate your existing logo to see if it can be improved, redesigned, or rebuilt to better serve you in today’s high definition marketplace.

Website Design

It’s no secret that people are turning to the web first when they need a product or service. Your potential customers are searching for you online and they will often decide whether or not to work with you based on what they find. It is very important that your website functions properly, looks professional, has relevant and updated content and ranks reasonably well in search engine results. We have experience with web design in WordPress, Joomla!, Flash, HTML and more. By using tools like responsive design and content management systems, we can help you ensure that your site will look great on desktop and mobile devices, and that you can quickly and easily add content to keep your site up-to-date and ranking high.

Book Cover Design

DesignPoint began with book cover design. We have many years’ experience working with publishers and authors to create eye-catching designs to represent their titles. People will ultimately buy a book that has a story or subject that they are interested in, but the first step is to get them to pick the book up off the shelf (or click on it in the online world) to find out what it’s about. Our goal with book cover design is to come up with a concept that is complimentary to the title and geared towards the target audience so potential readers will be interested enough to learn more. We have worked with authors and publishers here in Oregon and around the world to find ways to encourage people to look closer and see if what is between the covers is something they would be interested in.

UI Design

Graphic design is all about working with text and visual elements to guide people through content in a purposeful and engaging way. We have years of experience putting this into practice with our design work for print materials and web development, so it was no surprise to find we could apply those same skills to user interface design for software and iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps. DesignPoint can work with you and your software developer to build all the necessary graphic elements for your app UI such as: buttons, backgrounds, icons, animated loading screens and even comprehensive mockups. We are able to provide assets in various resolutions to accommodate different devices and screen sizes.

Everything Else Design

Some of our favorite projects are ones that start with the question “Can you guys find a way to do this?” We have helped our clients get their message out to potential customers in a variety of fun and unique ways, including: vehicle wraps, playing cards, tradeshow displays, pins, banners, lunch boxes, product packaging, CD labels, direct mail campaigns, bannerstands, coins, ID badges, signage, stickers, billboards, menus, and exhibits. We have dabbled in custom framing, photography and even a little interior decorating. We can customize your e-newsletter, design a product display, recreate a graphic, or touch-up a family photo. Just let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can come up with a way to make it happen.

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